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We know it can be complicated jungle of laws and documents to go through in order to figure out your rights when you, as a federal worker, get injured on the job. Sughrue Law has put together this learning center for you to use as a resource to learn about various aspects of the process. 

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Employee’s Responsibilities

Law is complex from a method view point except your activity about corporate business.

Burden of Proof

The employee is responsible for establishing the essential elements of the claim.

Federal Disability Retirement (OPM)

Disability does not mean you must be physically unable to work, out of action, or incapacitated

Injury Types

Traumatic Injuries, Occupational Disease, Permanent Injuries, Temporary Total Disabilities, Death Benefits and Recurrences

Types of Claims

Permanent Injuries, Temporary Total Disabilities, Death Benefits, Occupational Disease and Recurrences

Lump Sum Settlements & Schedule Award

How to claim a Schedule Award and how are they processed?


Appeals, Representation, New Evidence, Oral Argument, Board Decisions and Petition For Reconsideration


The Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs

Other Useful resources