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Employee’s Responsibilities

Protect Yourself from Injury

Much of the employee’s responsibilities begin with prompt and complete disclosure of the injury to a supervisor. Even if unsure as to the seriousness of the injury, an injured federal worker needs to protect themselves from an injury that can become chronic or worsen in condition. An injured federal worker should insist on obtaining a copy of an incident report, develop a list of witnesses and seek medical care of their choosing. Please refer to the burden
of proof section to learn to what standard your case and evidence will be held.

After an injured federal employee returns to work (RTW) with restrictions, the IFW must always possess a copy of their work restrictions. The injured federal worker must also rely only upon themselves to stay within their medical restrictions. Often an injured federal employee discredits their own case by being “macho” or not wanting to complain or confront a supervisor with proof that a given task is beyond their medical restrictions.