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When an injured federal employee or a representative of a federal employee files a notice of a claim with the Office of Workers’ Compensation the wheels of the OWCP begin to turn.

Initially, FECA was passed to provide injured federal employees a system to provide them relief when wages are lost due to a work related injury.

Although FECA was designed to benefit the injured federal employee, FECA quickly became a liability to the managers of federal agencies. Meaning, the budgets of certain federal agencies became consumed with workers’ compensation claims.

The Federal Government soon realized that well trained supervisors and managers were needed to limit the processing of successful workers’ compensation applications.


If you have received a dated letter from the OWCP important rights may be lost if you fail to act within prescribed time periods.

Appeals, reconsiderations, review of the record and oral hearings are just a few of the processes that an injured federal employee can choose when looking for answers and relief from the OWCP or ECAB.

Experienced representation is most beneficial when the OWCP denies your application for compensation or seeks to terminate or reduce the compensation benefits you already receive.

With extremely rare exceptions, a claimant has thirty (30) days to respond to any of these notices.

An experienced attorney can review the medical evidence in your case and, perhaps, more completely, accurately and persuasively present your case to either the OWCP or ECAB.

Keep track of your evaluation

Perhaps OWCP has requested that you be evaluated by an OWCP Doctor.

Attorney Douglas Sughrue will make sure you are prepared for what lies ahead.