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When you are injured on the job while working for the federal government, in pain, and at your most vulnerable, answering repetitive questions and submitting information to the Office of Workers' Compensation Program (OWCP) can be a daunting task. Injured federal employees need someone they can turn to for help with each aspect of filing a claim with the OWCP.


Whether Crosby & Sughrue is helping you file your initial CA-1, CA-2, CA-2a or Schedule Award Request or reviewing and drafting a second or third Reconsideration of your case that you have handled for a year or so, we do not tire of fighting for your case with the OWCP. If you are exhausted from being rejected by the agency that is supposed to compensate injured federal workers, then you need us. We are a law firm that will assist you in every aspect of your claim. We will listen to your concerns, and work hard so that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Our attorneys process and handle all of our cases and do not use outside lawyers. Crosby & Sughrue will aggressively prosecute your case with the OWCP or the ECAB.


Being injured at work was not your fault. Listening to the human resource/personnel officers at your place of employment and following their advice should have helped you obtain the relief you deserve and not create an obstruction to it. In addition to the physical pain, if each day is filled with worry about how to pay your bills, and thoughts of running out of sick or vacation days, let Attorneys Crosby & Sughrue deal with the OWCP. Let us gather additional medical and/or factual evidence to substantiate your work related injury. Let us conduct the due diligence to meet the burden of proof necessary to obtain the federal workers compensation benefits you, as an injured federal worker, deserve. As a matter of course, we work with your Doctors and other treatment providers so that the medical evidence will support the claimed work related injury.


We represent injured federal workers across the nation from all agencies including the U.S. Postal Service, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Marshals Service, Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and all others. We will guide you through the red tape and bureaucracy of the OWCP and the ECAB. You do not have to be in it alone.


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